Manuka honey has many uses.  Knowing how to use Manuka honey is important in order to achieve the desired results.  Manuka honey is most definitely effective.  If someone says it’s not, they may not be using it properly.  It can be used on the skin or it can be eaten like a regular honey.  For internal use, it is recommended to take it by the teaspoon, 3-4 times per day, preferably before meals.  

After taking the Manuka honey, it’s best to wait about a half hour or more before eating so it won’t be diluted in the stomach.  You can even try applying it to a cracker or piece of toast.  Otherwise, you can take it straight from the spoon.  Manuka honey can be taken in conjunction with medicine.  It will not interfere with use of medications.  

It’s not always preferable to use the highest potency.  In fact, some people have reported discomfort when using Manuka honey that is overly potent and it doesn’t work any better or faster.  If you experience discomfort, use a Manuka honey with a lower potency.  

For topical use on the skin, apply the Manuka honey directly to the affected area, once or twice per day.  You should start to see results within the first week.  If you don’t see results right away, be patient and continue use a little while longer.  The use of Manuka honey causes no negative side effects so you can’t overdo it.  Skin care products containing Manuka honey are available to avoid the stickiness.  

Manuka honey can also be used as a food item.  It taste great and is equally as sweet and delicious as other types of honey.  In fact, some people prefer the flavor of Manuka honey over other types of honey because it has a floral, woody taste and a caramel or butterscotch texture.  

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